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Life and love goes on. Wedding rings

Is it true that you are getting drawn in this Christmas season? Considering everything? Look at these four hot plans from grant winning goldsmith Cornelis Hollander for your vacation list of things to get.

– Strong yet sweet: The Burcht setting, the upper left photograph, includes a bend of clear jewels that sits underneath a valuable metal extension holding a dazzling focus stone.

– Dramatically unique: The Modus setting, included in the base right corner, reclassifies jewel wedding bands with a middle stone held by four lengthened prongs over a sparkling jewel bar that contacts the finger and bends upward.

– Sensuously modern: The Spiral setting in the base left corner, grandstands a middle stone in a jewel studded channel that seems to bend around the finger.

– Two become one: The Lus, in the upper right corner, is an uncommon plan that remains solitary or fills in as the blend commitment and wedding band, with the presence of two rings — an extension of clear precious stones crossing the finger askew, with a middle jewel skimming above it.

Need to plan your own ring? The Cornelis Hollander group works with clients beginning to end to make your desire materialize. Furthermore, the group at Cornelis Hollander can work with couples to repurpose a current wedding band into a remarkable and refreshed piece that lets them honor the first thing while at the same time making it their own. Any Cornelis Hollander plans can highlight moissanite or jewel as the middle stone.

“Regardless of whether changing legacy pieces into something new, moving up to something more amazing, or finding that first heart-halting ring, we are respected to assist you with rejuvenating your vision,” as indicated by Walter Hollander, who acquired the organization from his dad. “Your ring is a definitive narrator of your style and responsibility.”

Cornelis Hollander, a local of the Netherlands, refined his gems plan abilities at the Vrije Academie in Den Haag, Holland. He ultimately got comfortable Arizona, and his special and grant winning plans for precious stone wedding bands and other custom gems join exemplary preparing and present day advancement. The organization stays in the possession of the Hollander family, and all plans are produced by gifted skilled workers in the Scottsdale, Arizona, studio.

Visit cornelishollander.com for additional subtleties and to investigate an extraordinary assortment of carefully assembled contemporary and their darling jewel ring plans.


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